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Personal Loans

Home Improvement Loan
Medical Loan
Educational Loan 
Business Development Loan
Agricultural Loan

Commercial Loans

Working Capital loan
Fixed Assets Loan
Factory of Accounts Receivable loan
Commercial Invoice Financing loan 


You can apply through different options

1-Website Application Form

 2- Contact /Visit our branches

3- Call our Customer Service Department and our team will assist you with your loan application requirements and process
+962778455386  /  +962 775708877

To apply for a loan a client must meet the following criteria:

·The applicant must be between 18 and 65 years of age.

·If the borrower is above 65 years of age, he/she can only take a renewed loan, and it is required to register the loan in the name of his/her son, daughter or wife.

·The business must be in operation for at least one year.

·The business or home of the borrower must be in the same governorate where he/she applied for the loan.

·Must show a repayment capacity and commitment to repay on time.

·Must provide sufficient guarantors to cover the monthly repayments.

·The business must be legal, but it is not obligatory to be registered or licensed.

·For Home Improvement Loan, if the client is a governmental employee, he/she must be the proprietor of the house and should provide proof of ownership.

Supporting Documents for Individual Loans

§  ID  Copy  for the customer and guarantor

§  Copy of the Rental contract, or home ownership registration certificate

§  For commercial loans: a Copy of the rental contract and / or registration license and Profession/Vocational License

§  Salary Script

§  Copy of family identification for the customer and guarantor

§  Bank transaction for the customer and/or the guarantor

Supporting Documents for Commercial Loans

§  Copy of rental contract and / or registration license and Profession/Vocational License

§  Bank transaction for the customer and the guarantor

§  Business financial income sheets

§  Proof of other Income sources for the customer and /or the guarantor

§  An employee in any state department

 §  An owner of a project to which the conditions apply


Vitas Jordan offers a wide array of personal and commercial loans, with flexible amount starting from JOD 1500 and up to JOD 100,000 

The loan amount depends on the loan purpose, loan type, borrower's needs, credit history, repayment capacity and clients' business and subject to The Credit Committee Decision.

Vitas Jordan offers flexible repayment terms ranging from 1 months - 48 months. and it depends on the loan purpose, loan type, borrower's needs, credit history, repayment capacity and clients' business and subject to The Credit Committee Decision.

The fees varies from one loan to another depending on the loan type, size, duration and cycle of the loan.


Repayments are made on a monthly basis and the schedule will be specified Vitas Jordan. Repayments can be done inside our branches, Efawateercom, Orange money, Exchange Offices, or through our network of banks;  Housing Bank and Cairo Amman Bank.

3-5 working days upon completion of supporting documents 





Please contact our Complaint Unit at any of the following

 § Toll Free 080022155

§ Or call our land line at 5831188 06 Ext. 129 or mobile number at 07666413 077

§ Send us an email at

§ Or visit our website to file a complaint

§ Or fill out the complaint form and drop it at the Complaint Box available at our branches

§ Send us a messages at any of our Social Media channels

§ Or Fax us at 06 5826146

§ Or mail us at P.O. box 142356 Amman, 11844 Jordan


§ You can apply for a complaint inside any of our branches by filling out the form available at the reception counter. Please hand it to the Branch Manager and keep the reference # number, and our Complaint Specialist will follow up with you instantly.

 Vitas Jordan will process your complaint and take the needed action within a maximum of 10 working days and upon receiving the compliant and/or all related supporting documents. Please be aware that the 10-days period may vary and may be extended depending on the nature of complaint and in accordance with CBJ instructions and procedures .

 In case Vitas Jordan’s decision/outcome was not satisfactory, you may approach CBJ or the judiciary.

 You can contact the Consumer Protection Unit at the CBJ at 0096264630301

§  Or online via

§  Or send an email to

§  Or visit the CBJ premises in Amman, Irbid or Aqaba

Consumer Complaints Management Regulations

Please contact us at our landline 065831188, extension; 129,157, or 137

Or at our mobile numbers; 0778455386 or 0775708877

Or send us an email at

know your rights 

Consumer Protection Regulations

Yes, the borrower can close the loan at any time with 0% fees on early loan closure and cancellation of remaining interest rates on the loans as of YTD

No mortgages or pledges are required