Your privacy is our priority

We at the Partners for Micro Credit (Vitas Jordan) always strive to protect the privacy of our customers and protect their personal information. In fact, we are committed to providing the highest levels of privacy through our commitment to privacy laws for which we manage, deal and protect your data that is collected, stored, used, shared or disclosed.

To assist you with the personal data we hold about you, then you have the right as follows:

  •  To contact us immediately in the event that you believe that a person was able to obtain any confidential information related to your dealings with our company.

  •  If you receive a suspicious email or SMS requesting your personal details or account information, do not respond to it or click on any electronic link while please report the same to the Partners for Micro Credit (Vitas Jordan)

  •  To protect your account and identity:

  1. The password is the primary key to access your account and personal information, so select a complicated password that is difficult for others to guess. 

  2. Use letters, numbers and special characters [e.g. !, @ , # , $,? , ^ , &, * (,)] when setting your passwords.

  3. For your own protection, please change your password periodically and avoid reusing old passwords

  4. Not to share/disclose your login name and password with/to others.

  5. Partners for Micro Credit (Vitas Jordan) will never request your password-related information to access the electronic services, whether by calling, sending an email, text message, or messages through social media for which we ask our valued customers not to disclose this information under any circumstances.

If you receive any suspicious emails, SMS messages or calls claiming to be from Partners for Micro Credit (Vitas Jordan) asking you to disclose or update your confidential account information, let us know about the same by emailing or calling our Customer Service Team at: 00962778455386 or   00962775708877

We collect and use information for business purposes to provide better services to our users and to answer your inquiries, and/or provide you with any information you request about our products and services, verify your identity, or if we have a legitimate interest in doing so, e.g. in order to manage risk, or prevent fraud and misuse of our site or services for which we collect information that your browser sends (Log Data) whenever you visit our site. In fact, we may record the IP Address, operating system and browser used by each user and may be able -based on the IP address- to determine the type of browser, the browser version, website pages visited, access time and date, browsing time and any matters related to statistical analysis.

Yet, and when you inquire or request information about a specific product or service, the Partners for Micro Credit (Vitas Jordan) may ask you for some information such as your full name, phone number, national number, residential address, details of the requested service...etc. Please note that all information provided to us via the mobile application shall be saved on our systems and protected in accordance with the terms of data protection. Hence, you allow Partners for Micro Credit (Vitas Jordan) to save and/or process your personal data.

We may share information about you in connection with your dealings with us, and to the extent permitted by relevant laws and regulations, with the following parties:

  • Branches of the Partners for Micro Credit (Vitas Jordan) Regulatory authorities.

  • External auditors.

  • Third party service providers.

  • Agents dealing on behalf of the Jordanian Microfinance Company.

  • External supporting references.

  • Other entities for which the Partners for Micro Credit (Vitas Jordan) is acting as an agent.

We will only use your data if we obtain your consent, or when we have another legal reason to use the same. In fact, the reasons for our use of your data include the following:

  • Provide our products and services.

  • Process your instructions.

  • Managing our relationship with you.

  • Preventing or detecting crimes, including fraud and financial crimes, such as anti-money laundering and terrorist financing.

  • Ensure security, business continuity and risk management.

  • Provide online services, mobile applications and other online product platforms.

  • Improve our products and services.

  • Comply with our legal and regulatory obligations and requirements.

  • Perform systems or product development processes, and to meet planning, auditing and administrative purposes.

Your personal data will be kept for as long as it is necessary for the purposes stated and in accordance with the regulations, laws and instructions issued for keeping records.

The Partners for Micro Credit (Vitas Jordan) may at its absolute discretion update this Privacy Policy from time to time so it is recommended that you review the same regularly.

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